Increase business travel market share

TRAQ’s mobile app. wraps around your TMC service. Customers access your team’s expertise in a fast, easy-to-use, money saving tool.

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Designed for the SME market. Configurable to look and work like your technology

Reach new customers

TRAQ helps TMCs attract and retain SME business. Travellers benefit from a smart, intuitive app that gives structured interaction with travel advisors.  Equally TMCs benefit from increased business travel market share.

Reduce cost per transaction

An easy-to-use app works for you and your customers by reducing email and phone traffic. Additionally integrations with Travelport and Atriis further reduce transaction costs.

Extend your revenue base

TRAQ will help to increase requests and quotes, as well as improve conversion rates, and drive ancillary revenues.  So in partnership with TRAQ you can increase business travel market share.


TRAQ's insights into the SMEs aim to help you increase business travel market share

TRAQ’s was developed from research and analysis of the SMEs business travel sector.

So if you want to find out more about the priorities and opportunities within the fastest growing part of the UK economy, read our research highlights.

Then get in touch to see how TRAQ can help you to increase market share in SME business travel.


Your brand, your colours, your font. Customising TRAQ is easy to set-up and maintain. AS a result it will look and feel like your TMC's app.


Intuitive native Android and iPhone apps, and an easy-to-use platform, are at the heart of TRAQ. In addition integrations with Galileo and Atriis bring further benefits. to your operation

Putting your people first

TRAQ connects your team to travellers' apps. So there's no need for them to search travel online.

Marketing Support

As well as digital tools for TMCs, TRAQ can provide user guides, videos and digital marketing insights to help drive your success.

Save your customers money & time

TRAQ ends the need for your customers to spend hours searching aggregator tools

Personalise your operation

Combine the personal service of your travel advisors with the convenience of an easy-to-use app. Similarly personalise delivery to the traveller and from your advisors

Keeping it simple

Because TRAQ uses intuitive, app-based booking components, client set-up and admin is easy and fast


TRAQ is already integrated with Atriis & Galileo. In the same way the platform can be integrated with other technology as needed, and can plug-into your CMS to seamlessly fit with your operation.

Custom pricing to fit your business

TRAQ pricing is adjustable to fit your needs. We don’t think that all businesses want fixed pricing, or transaction prices. What’s more we believe that our responsibility it so make sure that TRAQ adds to the profitability of your business.  


Your customers will love TRAQ

Built for SME travellers, TRAQ's user experience is designed from a detailed understanding of SME business travellers' needs as well as employers' priorities.

Developed by Transive

Transive have been specialists in travel technology and marketing for 13 years. Learn more about the company behind the digital tools for TMCs targeting SMEs used in TRAQ Travel.
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